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Meet Our Athletic Trainers

Garrie Storie, MS, LAT, ATC
Randolph Health Athletic Training

Randolph Health Orthopedics & Sports Medicine
503 North Fayetteville Street
Asheboro, NC 27203
Phone: 336-626-2688
Fax: 336-629-6939


Garrie is a nationally certified athletic trainer (ATC), which means she attended an accredited university and passed the national exam. She is also licensed in the state of North Carolina (LAT). She has been certified and licensed in VA and NC since 2002.

Garrie was born and raised in Boone, NC where she attended Appalachian State University. Her initial plan was to attend ECU to become a physical therapist, but after spending time in the athletic training room at App State as a Division I sprinter, she decided Athletic Training was a better path for her. She got her Bachelor’s Degree in Athletic Training with a Minor in Exercise Science.

After App State, Garrie went to graduate school at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, VA. She earned her Master of Science Degree (MS) in Athletic Administration while working as a graduate assistant athletic trainer. She worked with women’s lacrosse and baseball.  

Garrie stayed in Harrisonburg, VA for 8 years at a local high school where she was a full time athletic trainer responsible for 28 teams. Now, she works for Randolph Health Athletic Training Services where she has been a hard working employee since 2001. Garrie was an Asheboro Blue Comet for five years and a Cougar at Southwestern Randolph for three. Today, she serves as a floater for the RHAT staff while working a second athletic training job elsewhere.  

She greatly enjoys the relationships and positive impact she can have with her student athletes and their families. Some injuries can be very stressful and sometimes devastating to a family. It is the job of an athletic trainer to help the athlete on the field and throughout the entire recovery process. He/she stays in constant contact with the family, physicians, therapists, and all members of the medical team to provide extraordinary care for the student athlete. The athletic trainer sees the student athlete on a daily basis, and this creates a relationship/bond that is unlike any other. To see an injured student athlete from the initial injury to their return to the field/court and seeing them smile because they accomplished that goal is amazing!!!

Garrie desires to make all student athletes healthy and injury free. She enjoys all sports and wants to make all of the programs she works with as successful as they can possibly be. Her favorite things outside of sports are basically any festive occasion, especially Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Spending time with family and friends is also very important in her life.