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The Randolph Health Fitness Center Gym will be closing and discontinuing Fitness Classes

beginning 6pm on Friday, March 20th


However, all of our Physical Therapy offices will remain open.

Please continue to check our website for updated information.

In The News

Meet Our Athletic Trainers! They've Been Working Very Hard Now That Football is Back in Season!


A special Thank You to the staff at Randolph Health Athletic Training for working so hard in the Randolph County School System to help keep the young athletes in our community safe, healthy and back in the game!

Americus Williams (Asheboro High)
Jana Webb (Eastern)
Corrinne Rosquillo (Wheatmore)
Garrie Storie (Southwestern)

Taylor Hilliard (Southwestern)
Caleb Strohecker (Randleman)
Michael Thompson (Providence Grove)

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to visit our Athletic Training Page

Welcome To Randolph Health Deep River Physical Therapy!

Our goal is in keeping with Randolph Health Medical Group’s mission to provide timely and convenient access to a broad range of quality medical services and, specifically in this case, rehabilitation services. Our desire is to serve the residents of Randolph County and surrounding areas with extraordinary specialized care.

For many years, Randolph Health has provided high quality outpatient physical, occupational and speech therapy to the community. In 2010, Randolph Health Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine was the first external clinic to join the existing rehab services within the hospital system, bringing additional orthopedic physical therapy care. Then in 2012, Randolph Health Deep River Physical Therapy, with its four locations in Asheboro, Randleman, Ramseur and Eden, expanded our footprint for rehab care throughout Randolph County and beyond. Randolph Health Fitness Center entered the organization at that time with a focus on fitness and wellness. In addition, Randolph Health Athletic Training, also provided by Randolph Health Deep River Physical Therapy, began an outreach to Randolph County School systems for injury prevention and care. Sports Performance and Post Rehabilitation care programs have recently been developed by Randolph Health Athletic Training. In 2013, Asheboro Rehabilitation Center joined the team with their expertise in Industrial Rehabilitation and Pediatric services.

2018 - 4 Qtr - Center of Excellence Awar

Our Quality Orthopedic Care


We recently received a "Center of Excellence Award" for our Orthopedic care from FOTO (Focus on Therapeutic Outcomes Inc.)

What Our Patients Are Saying


Brandon, a paratrooper in Air Assault in the US Army, suffered with back issues from injuries throughout several deployments. He now describes his "New Outlook" and tells his story about how persistence and hard work pays off after working with the Physical Therapists at Randolph Health Deep River Physical Therapy.