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Mini Singh changed my daughter's life. Desperate for some answers, I took her to PT in hopes of helping her pain. I had taken her to a neck specialist, a hip specialist at Baptist, a pediatric rheumatologist at Duke, a urologist, and many countless others. I knew all her symptoms had to be related, but doctors dismissed us and said she was hypermobile. Mini was the first person to tell me to research Ehler's Danlos Syndrome. When I did, it was like I was reading my daughter's story. We finally had somewhere to start. The syndrome is rare, but we found a doctor to treat her. The illness is chronic, but at least now we know what is causing her health problems and can treat her. Most of all, my daughter has a doctor who believes her symptoms are real and told her it was not "all in her head." She is doing well and getting the help we were so desperate for. So, as you can see, Mini really did change her life. Her knowledge and drive to help her patients made all the difference. Thank you Mini. We owe you everything!

Jennifer H.

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Feedback and Testimonials