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Randolph Health Deep River Physical Therapy is now offering a new, cutting-edge program for patients with Parkinson’s disease at our Randleman location with our provider, Karen Reddick, PT, who is now certified in the LSVT BIG program.

Parkinson’s disease (PD) is a chronic, progressive disease of the nervous system that is characterized by flexed posture, tremors, and smaller and slower movements. It affects balance, coordination, posture, and functional movements. These changes can diminish your confidence, speed, and safety with common tasks.

However, the LSVT Big Program can help!  Many are now benefiting from this functional treatment for Parkinson's Disease. This program consists of 16 individual, 1-hour sessions (4 days a week for 4 weeks) with a Certified BIG specialist. The program includes intensive exercises to treat PD symptoms, functional skills training personalized to you, and homework to accelerate progress. This program helps improve function and slow motor deterioration through intensive amplitude-based exercise and re-education of the sensorimotor symptoms.

Call our Randleman office today to learn more and to make an appointment!

148 Pointe South Drive
Randleman, NC 27317
Phone: 336-799-4435

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LSVT BIG Program: Functional Treatment For Parkinson's Disease

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